OMNI by Esther

Radiate a healthy, youthful complexion whilst revitalising and protecting your skin with OMNI By Esther, a no-nonsense, results driven skincare range which boosts your inner health and outer beauty with a convenient pared-back regime. 

Created by EF MEDISPA Creative Director and Founder, Esther Fieldgrass, OMNI was designed to offer a 360 approach to health and beauty. OMNI’s simple 3-step skincare programme includes Serum AM, Cream PM and Sunshine Block CC Cream with the addition of Sunshine Vitamin D3 Oral Spray. 

Vitamin D is essential for our general health and skin, however when using SPF we risk sacrificing vitamin D from the sun –OMNI’s Sunshine Spray was created to eliminate this problem entirely. OMNI by Esther includes a cocktail of handpicked, active ingredients to specifically target skin hydration, firmness and signs of ageing whilst protecting against sun exposure and pollution –it’s a must for savvy beauty enthusiasts who are passionate about healthy skin. 


Step 1 –Awaken your skin with the ultimate brightening boost! Apply 2-3 pumps of Serum AM to dry cleansed skin.

Multi-tasking day serum 

Hyaluronic Acid: Plumps the skin and reduces appearance of fine lines and wrinkles 

Vitamin C: Antioxidant that firms and brightens the skin 

Matrxiyl: Rejuvenating, anti-ageing 

Niacinamide & Creatine: Powerful anti-inflammatory, repairing, improves hyper-pigmentation and age spots

Step 2 –Protect and glow! Apply Sunshine Block before sun exposure, designed to provide a light coverage base whilst protecting the skin from sun damage.

CC Cream providing light, silky coverage base 

SPF 50+ sunscreen which protects against UVA & UVB rays 

Coconut Oil: Moisturising and nourishing 

Aloe Vera: Anti-inflammatory

Can be used alone as a tinted moisturiser or mixed in with foundation to achieve your perfect shade 

Easily re-applied throughout the day 

3 shades available: CC00 (clear/light), CC30 (medium), CC40 (dark) 

Step 3 –Boost Vitamin D levels and get your morning pick-me-up with a spritz of Sunshine D3 Spray on the inside of your cheeks.

Vitamin D3 oral mouth spray 

Energy boosting pick-me-up 

Teeth and bone health benefits 

Immune system support 

Mood enhancing 

Peppermint flavoured 

Delivers essential vitamins via the bloodstream for maximum absorption

Step 4 -Evening repair! Apply 2-3 pumps of Cream PM to dry cleansed skin in the evening and gentle massage until absorbed.

Gentle plant based moisturiser 

Overnight repair, rejuvenation and regeneration

Vitamin E: Antioxidant, repairing, hydrating 

Willow Bark: Gently exfoliates and stimulates cell renewal 

Aloe Vera: Soothing, anti-inflammatory

 Hexapeptide and Biopeptide: Clinically proven to reduce the depth of wrinkles and smooth the skin 

•Hyaluronic Acid: Hydrating and plumping

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