Who Is Alphascience?

Esther Fieldgrass

Who is Alphascience?

Created by Alfred Marchal with the goal of manufacturing unique and future-proof anti-ageing treatments, Alphascience uses its own research labs to produce innovative and exclusive solutions for ageing skin such as the world's first stabilization of tannic acid and glutamine.


All Alphascience products are guaranteed to be made in France with the highest level of safety and minimal environment impact. Their luxury skincare range utilises refined textures, rare ingredients from botanical research, delicate fragrances that combine efficiency and well-being.



What Makes Alphascience’s Collection So Unique?

Alphascience was founded on the philosophy of two fundamental functions – Protection and Correction. Protection is provided by its range of antioxidant serums that protects against UV, pollution, smoking, stress, and alcohol, all responsible for the formation of free radicals, a factor of premature skin ageing. Whereas correction is provided from its highly concentrated ingredients that effectively and efficiently repair the skin.


Tannic Acid Changes Everything

Tannic acid is an outstanding and unique ingredient – a unique polyphenol issued from nature and is particularly found in the bark of Sequoia to protect it from diseases, parasites and fungi.


Alphascience has been able to manipulate this ingredient to work for them – an industry first! When placed on the skin, this ingredient has the ability to protect, restore and maintain the integrity of skin cells for exceptional protective results.

Alphascience Tannic [CF] Anti-Aging Serum


Stable Vitamin C

Naturally, Vitamin C is one of the most effective anti-ageing ingredients but is also the most unstable and hardest to stabilise. Alphascience has been able to steady the chemical characteristics of vitamin C and develop a technology based on a unique complex to ensure highly concentrated L-ascorbic acid is kept stable.


Alphascience Phytic [TC] Rejuvenate & Glow Serum

Alphascience Alpha Bright Pigment Correcting Serum


First vectorisation of L-Glutamine

L-glutamine is naturally present in the human body and is an important amino acid in the protein synthesis process. This process is regularly used in medicine to repair damaged tissues.


Alphascience has been the first brand to be able to vector Glutamic as a dipeptide – this acts as a powerful collagen booster that reduces wrinkles and improves skin density.


Alphascience Lift & Correct Surface [CR] Cream

Alphascience Eye Matrix - Eye Contour Restructuring Treatment


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